A unique and revolutionary therapy to improve neuromuscular function

Enters the central nervous system and excels where other traditional neuromuscular stimulation therapies such as TENS, Galvanic and Faradic may have limitations


Neuromuscular re-education

Accelerated injury recovery

Pain management

Warm up/ warm down

General wellbeing

Variable, analogue micro-charged energy packets are sent around the body through the central and peripheral nervous system to actively seek out individual weak areas. This will uncover the root cause of any weaknesses

Once a blockage is found, a message is sent back to the brain to instruct the muscle to contract which increases the circulation at the area of weakness

The signal is able to reach and stimulate the contraction of deep muscles not normally accessible by standard massaging techniques (such as the Multifidus muscle) and without damaging superficial tissues

The Aquaneuro from Biosysco is able to re-educate nerve pathways to repair or optimise function

The Aquaneuro is a class II medical device using Sigma Q patented technology developed over 30 years by a consultant in Medical Physics

The Aquaneuro is an alternative neuromuscular therapy that addresses many of the shortcomings of traditional techniques giving better control, greater effect and increased penetration

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Biosysco Inc, the sister company of Biosysco Ltd

Aquaneuro Wet System

Henessey Gold Cup winning jockey, Mick Fitzgerald recovered with the help of an Aquaneuro wet system

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